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Sara Lee

I wanted to convey to you some points relative to ABEX Training Group’s course.
Whilst I did not attend the training conducted in every state, I attended the NSW training session and your trainer, Rex Buckingham was excellent. Rex, being of the more mature person, certainly had a way with putting the merchandisers at ease. In this way, Rex was able to have the team open up and interact when feedback and/or comments were requested.
This prompted an environment whereby, the individual merchandisers then felt comfortable in contributing to the session with constructive interaction. 
The merchandisers also did not hold back in conveying the problems they encountered in dealing with various younger grocery managers, and eventually received some feedback from Rex on how to deal with these sticky situations.
The team found the session “light-hearted” in that there were no “heavy” methods and techniques taught, rather simple, easy to formulate and use when in stores. 
The session gave the team the confidence to go and gain “over and above” display opportunities, and the numbers on our reports indicate this. This can only mean that that a certain level of confidence was gained from it.
From an organisation / logistic perspective, Julianne Miller, was great in keeping in touch and arranging the training sessions with your trainers, my state managers and of course myself. She took of as much of the work I had to do and basically handled everything. Then of course, all this eventuated from the initial meeting you and I had where you detailed the whole program to me.
At the end of the day, the merchandisers are casual employees who are usually there to perform a “police-type” role for the business, so the program, overall, gave them the added confidence to go “and ask”, and interact, and negotiate on better terms.
All the best to you and your team at Abex.

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