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Savleen Bajaj

Savleen Bajaj has an incomparable gift for generating value by interpreting groundbreaking research in psychology, sociology and neurology and applying it to business.

As a professional executive master coach and speaker, Savleen provides organisations with new tools for understanding how and why change happens, and how to create positive epidemics of ideas and behavior through Emotional Intelligence.

Savleen’s highly effective coaching strategies and use of multidisciplinary methods provide businesses with a competitive edge, by instilling a highly effective workforce. By considering current business practices, managers are advised of ways to maximise their own potential as well as the potential of their staff.

Savleen assists executives in decision-making, performance management, self-mastery, strategic thinking, effective communication, enhancing corporate dynamics, accelerating career and personal life success, public speaking, developing high performance leadership teams, and creating a shared vision of mutual benefit with staff. By applying tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and 360 degrees feedback, Savleen is able to demonstrate ways that leaders can increase the performance and effectiveness of their staff, enhance workplace motivation, advance creativity, create a superior learning culture within the workplace, establish greater self-assertiveness, break through everyday bad habits, overcome workplace politics and stress, and reduce staff downtime.

Each of these benefits will ultimately lead to better quality leaders, higher staff retention and more satisfied workers, as well as a more effective workplace that is flexible and can achieve peak performance, regardless of changes in demand, structure, and focus.

As an International Trainer, seminar leader and consultant in Coaching Psychology, Self Mastery and Organisational Behaviour and Management, Savleen offers informative talks and workshops that are always in line with the concerns of the audience. Savleen is an extraordinary speaker. She has created and presented many training programs, motivational talks, and personal and organisational strategies seminars to numerous organisations for the past 11 years.


Some of Savleen’s workshops include:

  • Emotion Management at Work
  • Frontline Management Skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Time Management
  • Peak Performance Sales Coaching
  • Negotiating to Win
  • Customer service Excellence
  • Organisational Behaviour and Management
  • Executive Master Coaching
  • Personal and Organisational Strategies need
  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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