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Lean Systems and Practices

Bite Size Education is committed to providing only the highest quality training to our clients. Our qualified trainers offer industry experience that adds extra value to each and every course, and subsequently on the student’s learning experience. At the completion of study, all successful graduates receive a certificate that is respected within industry.

What do BHP, Orica and General Electric Australia all have in common?

It is estimated they saved $10 billion in the first five years by implementing Lean systems.

What is Lean?

A system to reduce non-value-added waste, increase efficiencies and to improve processes in manufacturing warehousing and transport & logistics,

Companies need to increase profits but are usually to busy or have other priorities
However sometimes, increasing overall profits can be achieved by REDUCING COSTS.

This is where, Bite Size Education can assist.

Some of the Lean elements include:

• Mistake Proofing
• Preventative Maintenance
• Problem Solving
• Visual Workplace and 5S
• Root Cause Analysis
• Just in Time

WHEN is the right time to improve your business?

NOW is the right time, so that companies can see the results, sooner.

It is hard for staff to see wasteful processes, double handling or inefficiencies occurring.

Bite Size Education asks, “what are your key issues right now?”

So why engage Bite Size Education to undertake a Lean program?

All companies need to set KPIs. to work to a standard and customer requirement.

Some common Lean techniques include:

• Lean values:
• Kanban,
• Measuring processes
• Reducing cost of Quality,
• Workflows

Are your goals?

• To Reduce waste and increase efficiencies?
• Reduce over production?
• Improve yield?

Most problems have been solved by adopting lean thinking.

Lean is the only way to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

You can never be too busy for Lean…


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