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Anti Bullying Workshop Details

Course information
This program is presented by ABEX and is supported by Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

This course is available in the workplace and is seen as a modern day business imperative. The session will provide participants the opportunity to increase their awareness about bullying, prevention and harassment in the workplace. It will provide awareness of what behaviour constitutes workplace bullying and performance management. Our aim is to ensure participants are made aware of what is acceptable behaviour and how to respond to situations of bullying.

Employees will benefit from fundamental information including:

  • Definition of bullying and performance management.
  • Who bullies and why?
  • The Law- Federal Crimes Legislation Amendment.
  • Role of Work Safe and the Federal Work Commission.
  • Workplace violence.
  • Cyber bullying.
  • Why don’t employees report bullying?
  • Bullying policy – what should it look like?
  • Impact of bullying on employees and employers.
  • Responsibility of the employer, employee and the bystander.
  • Strategies to manage bullying.
  • What can the employer / employee do?

Topics covered:

  • Why employees complain
  • Conflict management, Performance management versus Bullying
  • Communication and courtesy
  • Workplace violence
  • Social media
  • Duty of care
  • Consequences including Jail
  • What employers can do to stop bullying

Course Information


Duration3 hours
TimeAny time suitable to employer
DatesAny date suitable to employer
Fee*- Half Day$3,800 (maximum 15 people)
Fee* – 1 Full Day (2 sessions)$4,800 (maximum 2 groups of 15)

* Corporate rate applicable for larger groups. This training is partly tax deductible.