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Boomaroo Nurseries

Training for 90 Customer Service and Account Management staff in Warehouse, Frontline Management and Wholesale.

On the competition of training the management staff were asked to report on their training experience.

Course Highlights

Opportunity to spend time together and explore differing techniques”

Interactive – everyone had the chance to offer their opinion and experience”

We were all grateful for the opportunity to participate”

I found this course to be of benefit to me in my operations as a territory manager for Boomaroo Nurseries”

The Internet and E-Commerce

We were shown the potential of websites for e-business into the future”

 “We see the potential for our customers to place feedback/complaints etc via our website”

 “We were shown the possibilities of using the internet and email to reduce administration costs”

Further into the future we will research how our customers can place orders directly onto our system online”

Supply Chain Management

I learnt of the importance of stock takes as a tool to control stock levels and avoid waste and shortages”

It is vitally important for the efficient operation of a business to maintain strong supplier relationships”

Establishing a dedicated call cycle, weekly contact with our customers via phone, email etc, joining industry bodies and forums”

It is important because if not done correctly it can lead to financial losses..”

This dealt with developing and maintaining good administration practices..”


We were shown the importance of developing marketing plans and strategies”

We learnt how to develop sales budgets to help us plan for an manage future sales/production peaks and troughs”

We now use SWOT analysis to assist in our marketing plans and evaluations, along with expanding our use of Outlook, to help manage our call cycles, store our data base information, and as a permanent record our customer visits”

Improving the advertising of specials.. placing vacant employment positions on the website”

Customer Service

Peoples tendency to buy will be affected by how we view them”

Having a good rapport with customers gives the business a good name”


Customer Relationship Management

Importance of building up friendships with existing and potential customers”

We learnt it is imperative that businesses need to maintain a constant and effective line of communication with our customers”

The importance of relationships in sales – it is much easier to sell to customers you know than it is to cold sell”


 “A benefit to our sales effort”

It highlighted several different types of sales approaches to be taken according to what our potential customer is wanting”

The need to correctly read where our potential customer is at as far as closing or securing a new sale”

The importance of knowing where the market is at and the need to read direction in the market so as to be confident in what is being presented to our customer”

The absolute importance of understanding the product we are selling as thoroughly as possible”

The absolute need to set goals and be able to measure progress in those directions”

The importance of feedback and the follow through on this”

The networking advantages gained through contacts made during the course of performing our task”

The importance of clear, concise and accurate communication in all areas of sales”

The importance of maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers as well as team mates”

The importance of maintaining integrity respect and empathy in our sales relationships”

Above all for myself, I found the lean management section to be of the greatest value in so far as being organized personally; the need to best use time in the areas of greatest priority. The need to best use my time during the day to its best advantage to reduce the amount of time spent at night. The need to reduce clutter and be organized in all areas”

In sales, time is both our best friend and worst enemy”

A major benefit to come from this course would be to implement a ‘Mentor and Accountability’ program amongst the sales team”

Greater understanding of the requirements to be a successful salesman”

Prepare for each call – have a message and a reason for the call”

Opportunity for the sales members to get to know each other on a personal level and a greater understanding of each others roles and experience..”

Probably the greatest reinforcement I received from doing this course was the need for structure within my sales role”

This has changed my approach making me more aware of the need to have what people require”

Preparation was mentioned a number of times.  It is essential.. This was important in all areas in accomplishing the requirements of a salesman”

Feedback on the trainer’s delivery

Bought his extensive experience at Safeway to the training”

Very enthusiastic approach”

Had the ability to make the topics relevant to our business”

Management and Staff
Boomaroo Nurseries

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